Is your business wired to fail?

Sprout's 3-phased approach, Stabilize, Structure and Grow, can help you to become a successful change-driven, technology-focused business.


Sprout starts with a
strong foundation.


Inspect and document IT infrastructure and identify all issues for evaluation.


Evaluate hardware, software and network; repair or replace unstable components.

Data Management:

Review data, storage and backup. Implement systems to ensure proper protection in the event of catastrophe.

Customized Sprout Private Cloud:

Establish flexible, scalable and redundant IT infrastructure to support the fast pace of technological change.

Once stabilized with Sprout, you can eliminate up to 80% of IT issues in just 90 days!

  • Employee technology confidence rises
  • Employee frustration is reduced
  • Support requests are reduced
  • Support response time is reduced
  • Data protection is in place
  • System performance is increased
  • Focus shifts to strategic IT initiatives


The connection
to business innovation.


The Sprout Tech-team will review and document any and all technology related processes you currently have in place.

Build Processes:

Extend and build out processes based on our knowledge of change-driven, technology-focused success.


Integrate new processes into your support procedures and critical internal business processes.


Create systems to monitor and advance processes as your business evolves.
  • Productivity increases in relation to IT requests
  • Defined processes for support and change requests
  • System that supports iterative changes
  • Visibility into technology use within the organization
  • Gain control over IT

The power to rapidly adapt to technology changes, while maintaining focus on your business innovation.


Leveraging technology as
a strategic business tool.

Up and Running on Sprout:

You can push forward without the typical IT barriers and can shift your attention to strategic technology planning efforts.

Change Driven, Tech-Focused:

With technology management processes in place, you’ll have a structure that is flexible and geared for change.

The Power of a Tech Firm:

Sprout partners have exclusive access to Awecomm’s tools and experience to adjust rapidly with new products & services.



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